Insight – Topic series

Welcome to Insight, a series of posts about the entire process of recording, mastering, distribution and playback of live and recorded music in the highest possible sound quality. MQA represents a Paradigm Shift and the scope is wide, so we aim to cover these topics at a few levels – introductory overviews, perspectives and occasionally a deep dive into […]

Insight – High Resolution (Intro)

High resolution is an experience, not a specification … In common audio parlance, ‘High Resolution’ has incorrectly become associated with recordings that use higher-than-CD data rates (i.e. PCM sampled higher than 44.1 kHz or using more than 16 bits). These simplistic definitions are stuck in the digital domain and tell us nothing about resolution in sound […]

Insight: What, How & Why?

Before delving deeper, here are some headlines… What is MQA? MQA is a revolutionary, award-winning, peer-reviewed-and-approved technology for capturing, archiving and efficiently distributing music with the highest possible sound quality. By paying great attention to the nature of sound and the way we hear, MQA opens a clearer window and delivers all the details and nuance […]