Bob talks

Bob Stuart, creator of MQA, talks in detail about this revolutionary British technology that sets a new standard in capturing, delivering and reproducing digital audio.

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Creator of MQA

Bob Stuart studied Psychoacoustics and Electronic Engineering at Birmingham University and Operations Research at Imperial College, London. His passion for music soon led him to specialise in audio design. He co-founded Meridian in 1977 and MQA in 2014.

At the dawn of digital, Bob’s deep interest in sound reproduction quickly led him into the arena of coding for distribution. In collaboration with long-term collaborators Peter Craven and Michael Gerzon, Bob inspired the development of lossless compression (early forms of MLP – later Dolby TruHD were shown to the RIAA and JAES in the mid-1990s). Bob has served on or contributed to international committees such as  ADA, UK National Sound Archive, DVD Forum and Blu-Ray Forum. Bob is a member of JAS and a Life Fellow of AES.

Bob’s recent work includes the development and founding of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), the revolutionary new British technology.

Also in 2015, CEDIA awarded Bob Stuart a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. Watch this 5 minute video to truly understand Bob’s motivations and achievements.